Friday, 4 April 2014

Canadian Disston Handsaw 10 tpi "

Hi  As  theworkshop is being closed down whilst we move , I have decided to be brutal and dispose of  every thing  I'm not going to be needed elsewhere. I have other Disston handsaws  that I much prefer to use when needing one.

Now surplus to my requirement is this beautiful Canadian  Disston handsaw, it has a 22"  blade 1O teeth to the inch  its Straight and true  with no teeth missing and its very sharp.

I bought this saw two years ago and have used it only a couple of time, it was sold to me ( as old but never used ) I think this was true,  it has never been sharpened since new.

FOR SALE AT £45 ONO   This can be resharpened as many times as you make it  blunt,    you can arrange to collect in person, or pay extra for  postage at extra cost to your self.


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